I take my time with it.
Then leave it dead in the past with incendiary rounds.
It’ll burn the garden turf where the lemmings lounge.
Bound be be bound and gagged up - in its’ mind with no choice.
The toys, the noise, can the sea blind the desert moist?
Blister the fist of love, pull it for what you ate.
I dare you to recreate my Aztec’s plate.
Featured is the cutlery the butler’s meat subtle speak.
Of a prayer, a curse, for the nerves of your nurse on this recipe.

That guy.

The mood.

He’s so powerful.

He holds me in chains and holds the blind from the paint.                     That’s what he says anyway.

But I can dream something in front of me on occasion…

It’s even happening now…

It’s a black rectangle.                                                                        Blander than the sandles you ordered me to wear; DONT TOUCH THE SAND…

There are castles everywhere.

Death be not beware - this man’s ensuring I can’t see if I can see your monarchy. He can even lease the moon out for this world so your homes aren’t taken by the sea.

So breath, wherever you are.                                                              You’re safe for now. I’ll be here at the shore with blank placards.

If you want to find a way out.

Maybe I’m just jealous. Yeah, that’s it.

Your man’s dead, he bled your seas red, so now you know that your pupils aren’t bent. And I’m here dodging sandcastles, making sure my shackles don’t interrupt your creativity.

Chivalry drowned in a bottle of sober remedy.

I can care if I want and I don’t, so face my weaponry…

Better leave the sensing to someone else.

I can’t get to grips with water.

I can at least hear my bloodstream inside this black sea shell.   Where your jesters stole your sons and daughters.

Still can’t see where I’m going, even once I’ve taken off the blindfold. Sometimes I can remember that I put it on, other times, I recall it always being there. There was a title I heard one day, and I thought it was one of the few cynical truths of myself I had found; it was that of being an “educated consumer”. Why do I think I can find myself on the ground?

You wont hear from me for a while ’cos my laptop and my iPhone decided to break at the same time. The charger for my laptop is dead. I dropped my iPhone a week ago and my dad told me to push the screen slightly hard, it worked. There was no actual damage on the screen, but it would become very light and white. This worked for a week until I took it out of my pocket and the screen wouldn’t turn on, but it would actually still work. I reset it of course and nothing helped. My dad unscrewed it and had a look inside and said nothing looked wrong. But now it’s totally unresponsive. My dad and his friend and I are going to a car boot sale tomorrow, I’m selling my PSP along with it’s games, I’m also selling my TV that I never use. If my PSP sells then that would be my only internet contact gone, it actually couldn’t go on Tumblr anyway, but Facebook it could…

With my money I was hoping to buy some new trainers, but instead I think I’m gonna see if I can repair the phone.

Airan’s Social Experiment: Part One